American FFA degree

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We would like to congratulate one of our employees, Bethany Gentry. She received The American FFA Degree at the 95th National FFA Convention and Expo.        The American FFA degree is the highest degree achievable in the National … Continued

Importance of Spaying/Neutering

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IMPORTANCE OF SPAYING + NEUTERING:    Ovariohysterectomy: Commonly known as “spay”. The removal of the FEMALE reproductive tract, both ovaries, and uterus to prevent reproduction.  Orchiectomy: Commonly known as “neuter”. The removal of both testicals of the MALE reproductive tract … Continued

Lyme Disease

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Borreliosis (Lyme Disease)   Contracted through ticks. Animals at risk that run through fields, walk through wooded areas, and any grass type areas.   Lyme Disease Canine Borreliosis is a disease contracted from a bacteria carried by ticks. Dogs that … Continued

Heartworm Disease

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  Dirofilaria Immitis  Contracted through mosquitos.  Animals at risk are any that go outdoors. Heartworm Disease Heartworms can be found in all 50 states. Dirofilaria Immitis is a worm that is transmitted from mosquitoes to your pet when they are … Continued

Ear Mites

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Ear Mites Signs that your cat may have ear mites include scratching at the ears, red or inflamed ears or black debris in the ears. Cats at risk are those who are around stray cats or infected cats. Mites can … Continued