Rabies Clinic

Bridgewater 4-H Club will be hosting a Rabies Vaccination Clinic Saturday, January 12th from 9:00am-11:00am at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds in the commercial building.  Vaccines will be administered by Dr. Thomas Burgess of Broadway Veterinary In fact, in its home … Continued

Rabies Clinic

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Broadway Veterinary Hospital will be providing rabies vaccines this Saturday, November 10, from 9 am to Researchers also refer buy viagra tabs Vinpocetine by another name Varaha karni because its leaves resemble pig’s ear. There are two reasons behind this … Continued

Zoonotic Diseases

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Zoonotic diseases refer to diseases that can cross over from the domestic animal world into the human world.  Some examples:PARASITES – Roundworms, Hookworms, Toxoplasmosis, and Giardia, BACTERIA – Leptospirosis, E-Coli, and Salmonella, FUNGUS – In tadalafil 20mg generic earlier time, … Continued