Rabies Clinic

Bridgewater 4-H Club will be hosting a Rabies Vaccination Clinic Saturday, January 12th from 9:00am-11:00am at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds in the commercial building.  Vaccines will be administered by Dr. Thomas Burgess of Broadway Veterinary In fact, in its home country Brazil it’s regarded as a Healthful Alternative to https://www.unica-web.com/awarding_of_unica_medal_2003.htm viagra 25 mg. Having that said, don’t waste any more time. order cialis online find out to find out more now Open your past and present health history to generic viagra in usa the physician before practicing this medicine. Generic drugs are the viagra buying online This unica-web.com medications manufactured by trustworthy drugs manufacturers using established formula of branded pills, capsules and syrups. Hospital.  Vaccines available for dogs, cats and horses.  County dog license will be available for purchase.  Please call the office with any questions, 540-896-5155.

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