Importance of Spaying/Neutering

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IMPORTANCE OF SPAYING + NEUTERING:    Ovariohysterectomy: Commonly known as “spay”. The removal of the FEMALE reproductive tract, both ovaries, and uterus to prevent reproduction.  Orchiectomy: Commonly known as “neuter”. The removal of both testicals of the MALE reproductive tract … Continued

Ear Mites

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Ear Mites Signs that your cat may have ear mites include scratching at the ears, red or inflamed ears or black debris in the ears. Cats at risk are those who are around stray cats or infected cats. Mites can … Continued

Plan Ahead!

February is dental health month.  For the month of February, ALL Dentistry services and dental products will be discounted by 10%.  Beat the rush Regular intake of green tea scavenges free radicals, delays aging impact and lowers cialis buy online … Continued

No Fleas Please!

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With the falling leaves, the biting fleas want to come inside.  Get your pet protected today with one of the products we carry.  We offer If you are having problems with hormones, DHEA is viagra online another supplement that … Continued

Welcome Back Students!

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Dr. Burgess and Dr. Harmon welcomed the students of Broadway High School for the fourth consecutive year You could find more tadalafil sales by doing a little Internet research. In such cases viagra generika people go on blaming the product … Continued