So You Got A Puppy For Christmas!

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New puppies are exciting!  As a responsible pet owner, it is your obligation to meet their needs.  One thing that often gets overlooked is socialization.  Your new puppy needs to meet as many “strangers” as possible.  To do this, make sure your puppy has all the vaccines appropriate for his or her age.  Then, begin introducing your puppy to people of all ages, sex, disabilities and ethnic cultures.  People that wear a hat or walk with a cane, can often cause anxious behavior for a pet.  So, start them young to help prevent your new puppy from growing up timid or even aggressive when faced with different experiences.  Puppy socialization can often be aided by attending puppy classes with a dog trainer.  Your new pet will be calmer and at ease with their surroundings as a result of your efforts.

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