Puppy Socialization is a Two Step Process

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Getting a puppy is an exciting time, but did you know that one issue can make or break your future relationship with your new friend?

According to some research, 65% of pets removed from a home are due to behavior issues. How can we help lowers this risk? Proper socialization and training.

As excited as we are to get our new friend home, it is important to remember that puppies are at a higher risk of behavior issues if they leave mom too early. During this primary socialization period, they are learning to be a dog.

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It is best to wait until eight weeks of age  to adopt.   Puppies should first start human socialization at 7-12 weeks and end at 16 weeks. This period of time, 6-16 weeks of age,  is the puppy’s second socialization period. During this time, they are learning to interact with people and are very impressionable. It is important to remember that no socialization or incorrectly socializing your puppy could do permanent emotional damage.

So, do your homework, find a reputable trainer and let’s get  socializing. You and your new friend will be glad you did.

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