Parasites Can Get Your Pet YEAR ROUND!

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We think of cold weather as a time when parasites cannot survive. For fleas and ticks, this is far from the truth. Both ticks and fleas can remain active in the winter spreading disease and causing infestations. Fleas can survive in near freezing temperatures outside and may find refuge in your home in colder weather. Ticks find refuge under fallen leaves during the colder weather.

One female flea can have FIVE-HUNDRED offspring, so it is easy to see how an infestation can occur in the home as fleas seek shelter there from the cold.

Ticks carry a variety of diseases which can cause permanent, even life threatening damage to your pet. Fleas can cause skin allergies and parasitism. Both fleas and ticks can cause anemia if the infestation is heavy enough.

For these reasons, it is important to protect your friend YEAR ROUND.

Ask us how!

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