NEW Smart Rabies Tag

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We now carry the newest rabies tag, “Smart Rabies Tag”. There is a QR code on the back that when scanned provides key information on the pet, owner and veterinary clinic. Each tag code provides a digital Pet Health Profile with the pets medical and vaccination history.

If the pet is lost, and then found, a smartphone scan of the tag automatically sends a text, an email, and a GPS location of exactly where the pet was found to the owner.

The history can include as little or as much information as you’d like it to. Here are a list of some of the things you can put on it: picture, name, color, sex, allergies, microchip number, veterinary clinic contact information, etc.

If you have an existing tag and would like this one, let us know and we can issue this one for you.

Once you purchase the tag, you download the app at no additional cost. There are no activation fees and no monthly subscription fees.

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Cost: $15 per Smart Rabies Tag

$20 per vaccine


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