If you have a cat, your house should have…

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As a pet owner, it is your job to make sure your cat has everything they need in your home so they can exercise and get the mental stimulation that they need. Listed are the four things that every house with a cat needs (this can vary depending on each cat):

1. A window ledge- Your cat would love to be able to look out the window at everything that is going on! That is mental stimulation for them.

2. Scratching post- Having a scratching post allows your cat to remove the dead part of their nail without ruining your furniture! Cats also release pheromones while scratching on a post.
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3. High places that are for the cat- Cats love to be high up, it gives them a place to hide (possibly from a dog). Being high up also makes them feel like they are the King or Queen of the house.

4. A cozy place- Cats need a place to go where they can be in the quiet and just relax or hide. You could get them a box, tunnel, or an enclosed cat bed.

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